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President, Besse Medical

Michael (Mick) Besse

"When we can improve access to products, speed their delivery, help clients manage inventory and even help doctors grow their practices, then we know that communities are getting better health care. Everyone at Besse knows that patients are our end customers. That responsibility demands consistency and dependability.”
Mick Besse

Vice President of Specialty Sales and Solutions, Besse Medical

Eric Besse

"We're continually working ahead of the curve, ensuring that we go beyond our customers’ expectations and grow as a company. By excelling at supply chain integrity, practice-facing technologies and caring service, we’ve built a solid foundation to help us serve customers now and in the future.”
Eric Besse

Vice President of Strategic Accounts, Besse Medical

Kevin Long

"I believe that to be effective in earning the pharmaceutical distribution business we have to demonstrate a genuine consultative sales approach that starts with a deep understanding of the issues facing our customers today. Financial constraints, coupled with an evolving competitive landscape, require a distribution partner that can deliver complex solutions to drive practice efficiencies and ensure our customers are well positioned to be successful in this constantly changing healthcare marketplace."
Kevin Long

Vice President of Division Operations

Shirley Turner Sapp

"I have 100 percent confidence in AmerisourceBergen's ability to continue providing an excellent customer experience with increased capabilities through system enhancements and technology offerings. By embracing transformation, we become even better than we are today, and we will provide an even better experience to our customers."
Shirley Sapp

Director of Customer Service

Branham Hanchey

"When we do our jobs well, our customers are able to spend time on patient care rather than searching for products or information, spending extra time placing and checking orders, and all of those peripheral tasks that come with managing practices. My sincere hope is that we are the bright spot in our customers’ days and that we appropriately and proactively anticipate the needs of the practices we serve so that you are confident and happy in your choosing us as your supplier."

Branham Hanchey

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