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Corporate citizenship

Besse associates working hard at Camp Allyn

A network united in its responsibility to create healthier futures

As part of AmerisourceBergen, we are committed to partnering with our suppliers and customers to identify opportunities where we can make a positive impact.

Empowering our teams to contribute to what they believe in

Ensuring our team members are able to put their passion behind causes they care about is one of our priorities. We offer associates paid time off for volunteer work at organizations like Stepping Stones, a charity which helps people with disabilities find pathways to independence. And over recent years, associates have donated more than three tons of food to the Freestore Foodbank in Cincinnati, which serves hungry children and families in our area.
Besse associates landscaping in the woods

Creating a positive impact locally and globally

We contribute to organizations aligned with our mission and values, and with the best interests of our key stakeholders in mind: our customers, our shareholders, our associates and our supplier partners. Our associates donate time and money to non-profits as a way to support and improve our communities, including the Ronald McDonald House and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Charities. We recognize mindfulness to the impact on our environment is a part of our overall social responsibility.
Besse associates raising money for charities

Practicing green

We are committed to reducing waste and limiting our environmental impact as much as possible. We take practical, manageable steps to minimize our footprint and help our customers do the same.

Minimizing paper use

We reduce paper use in favor of digital documents. We have invested in twin screens for our associates, so they can easily refer to documentation while providing real-time service. Our distribution center stores more than half its documents electronically. Since we launched, our online supply management center, we’ve seen a huge drop in the number of faxes we receive, with an estimated 70 percent decrease in overall paper waste—for both sender and receiver.

Recycling and repurposing

Our distribution center recycles more than 80 tons of corrugation per year and uses packaging supplies partially made from recycled materials. Purchasing new products with recycled content is a critical part of our work. We print with soy inks. In our office, all associates have reusable drinkware. We dispose of obsolete electrical equipment through a responsible third-party processor which minimizes landfill refuse by refurbishing or recycling equipment.

Reducing energy and water use

We’re mindful of how our teams travel to minimize impact, so we focus our presence at trade shows for best effect, only attending shows where we can meet customers from all over the country. Our distribution center has installed an electric transformer, making the facility 10 percent more energy efficient. The temperature-controlled environment protects products and keeps units from being overworked. The center reduced its vehicle fleet, cutting fuel consumption in half. 

Man scanning a cooler on a conveyor belt

How real practices are reusing coolers and reducing waste

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