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Controlled substances

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Ordering controlled substances in the United States

The Controlled Substances Act (1970) created five classifications commonly referred to as “Schedules” for certain pharmaceuticals manufactured or used in the United States. Drugs are scheduled according to their medical use and their potential for abuse. Their sale and distribution are closely controlled. Customers who wish to purchase controlled substances from Besse Medical first need to request authorization.

Eligible customers can place DEA schedule II (C2) controlled substances orders electronically using their Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS) certificate on ABC Order.

This innovative technology solution provides a paperless, efficient and secure way to order C2 controlled substances, thus expediting the delivery of controlled substances, saving time and money, and minimizing paperwork and paper storage expenses. The ordering process for C3-5 items is the same as the process for regular Rx and OTC items through ABC Order.

DEA business activity
590 questionnaire to complete
Retail pharmacy
Practitioner (including MLPs)   
Distributor 590D
Maintenance 590M
Detoxification 590M
Maintenance & Detox

Narcotic Treatment Centers: Authorized Signer Roster: CSRA-27 Form

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