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You want to provide your patients with the best care possible. To do that, you need access to supply and solutions designed for your practice’s unique needs. We tailor products, technology, and support to your specialty. We provide fast, secure access to thousands of pharmaceuticals, offer smart tools that optimize your profitability, and provide expert guidance on all your financial questions. The result? More time to focus on what matters most: your patients.

Your voice matters!

Contact your Senators to fix drug pricing provisions in pending "Build Back Better" bill

Unless Congress fixes the Medicare Part B drug pricing and reimbursement provisions currently in the Build Back Better (BBB) Act:

1) the significant reimbursement cuts to certain Part B drugs would take away the ability of physicians to provide these medicines and provide care for patients with serious diseases;

2) manufacturers will not be able to undertake the significant investment necessary to develop greater numbers and varieties of inexpensive generic and biosimilar versions of these medicines; and

3) pharmacists will continue to have to pay surprise DIR fees to PBMs months after they have provided care to Medicare beneficiaries

A 101 on the physician healthcare buying model

The US healthcare distribution model can get complex: Our 101 collection provides a framework of the model for the physician class or trade.

Drive-through COVID testing

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) response

Current topics for physician practices

Walking the path forward for pharmaceutical access and stronger community healthcare relationships

In this Fierce Pharma article, Jenny Sherak, Senior Vice President of SPS at AmerisourceBergen, discusses the new levels of coordination needed for potentially curative and groundbreaking therapies in the pharmaceutical pipeline.

Seven questions about biosimilars

Introducing specialty physician practices to this innovative safe, effective, and less costly drug class.
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Q&A: The dangers of pending Medicare cuts and what practices can expect in 2022

Rita Norton walks us through scheduled reimbursement challenges, suggests a path for advocacy, and shares her expert opinion on what specialty physician practices will face in 2022, absent Congressional action.

No matter your focus, we’re built to help

In order to best serve community practitioners, we’ve developed expertise across a broad range of specializations. Regardless of your area of medicine, we have products and solutions that can help, from the drugs your patients need to your financial systems to your business operations.
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Latest product news


Now available TEZSPIRE™

January 2022


Now available Naloxone HCl Nasal Spray

January 2022


Now available LEQVIO®

January 2022

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The power of partnerships

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Our network works with more than 1,500 manufacturing partners. As part of AmerisourceBergen, our scale ensures your practice has access to thousands of products at all times. We connect creators to caregivers, helping our partners focus on innovation and giving your practice valuable options.
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Lifting the voice of community care

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Community Counts is an advocacy initiative that represents community-based specialty providers with CMS, with payers, with legislators and with patients.

By amplifying the voice of providers, our goal is to ensure that specialty care in the community remains strong.

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AmerisourceBergen Foundation and Family Reach

"A Financial Guide to COVID-19"

Free, downloadable guidebook for practices and patients, offering advice about managing the financial struggles that often follow a serious diagnosis or job loss.
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Solutions for specialty and community practices

GPO solutions

As the leading pharmaceutical distributor partner of GPOs in the USA, we help ensure access to the lowest cost options and work to provide more contracting opportunities to every medical practice. 

Inventory management

Technology that strengthens your control of inventory and payment verification is essential. Our cutting-edge inventory management solutions are designed specifically for specialty and community practices.

Better ordering, tracking and reporting

Enjoy 24-hour access to order placement, order tracking, reporting and online payment management in a streamlined user experience.

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