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The specialty distributor that offers balanced care 

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We know that gastroenterology practices and their staffs have specific and detailed needs. Our solutions help specialty practices provide patients with the latest pharmaceuticals, while managing their practices complex administrative and financial tasks. Our products and services work for you, not the other way around.

We offer a full line of pharmaceutical therapies in Crohn's disease, Ulcerative Colitis, iron deficiency anemia, colon cancer, hepatitis, and irritable bowel syndrome. See our range of products below. 

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Everyday solutions for practices like yours

Looking for a distributor that has the products you need?

Our manufacturer partnerships make us the nation’s largest specialty and general pharmaceutical distributor in many markets. We lead the distribution services industry in accuracy, compliance, multiple-location management and true next business day delivery.

How can you protect your investment in valuable pharmaceuticals?

We can give you greater control over drug ordering and handling, ensuring the integrity of the product from our shelves to your patient. And our groundbreaking inventory management system PODIS Plus offers full transparency on every patient dose, and even helps you keep track of product that's close to expiration.

Would you like to uncover financial savings in your practice? 

We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy cash flow inside a specialty practice and we offer the insights and resources to support success. We offer expert knowledge across the whole landscape of finance and reimbursement. We'll help you make smarter buying decisions, improve reimbursement efficiencies and reduce administrative burdens. 

“I’m thrilled with your pricing and the fact that you offered the expiration date since I was ordering multiple packs. Now I don’t need to order from multiple companies. I love your one-stop shopping.” 

Lisa C, nurse practitioner at a Specialty Practice in Brandon, Florida

IPN Solutions: The national specialty network

A comprehensive partner for your practice

IPN Solutions is the preferred strategic partner for gastroenterology practices nationwide. Created for physicians and healthcare professionals, IPN Solutions is a national specialty network that provides GPO drug contracting, provider education and practice management support services.
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Inventory management designed for specialty practices

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We’ve created PODIS Plus with specialty practices–including gastroenterology–specifically in mind. No matter the size of your business, we’ve scaled PODIS Plus to meet your needs and grow with your practice. Streamline your workflow, simplify ordering, save time and lower your administrative burden all while improving patient outcomes.
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Navigating inventory management in specialty physician practices 

Automating inventory management can position specialty practices for long-term success in the increasingly competitive market. 

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