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Addiction and Behavioral Health Practices

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A specialty distributor that provides pharmaceutical solutions to complex health issues 

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Our solutions help specialty practices provide necessary patient care and manage administrative and financial tasks. We serve specialty practices that offer medicated assisted treatment options for alcohol, opioid abuse and behavioral health disorders. See our range of products below. 
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Everyday solutions for practices like yours

Looking for a distributor that has the products you need?

Our manufacturer partnerships make us the nation’s largest specialty and general pharmaceutical distributor in many markets. We lead the distribution services industry in accuracy, compliance, multiple-location management and true next business day delivery.

Interested in improving reimbursement? 

Our consulting service offers guidance to specialty practices looking to improve their credits for MIPS measurements. Feedback reports help practices better understand potential areas for improvement. Consultants can interact with your EMR support team on your behalf, saving additional time. 

Matt Y, Physician in Franklin, Tennessee

“Thank you so much for taking the time to figure this out, and going the extra mile to make sure this issue was resolved. I don’t think everyone would care enough about a small client like me, so it means the world to me that you would care enough to research and fix the issue.”

All your ordering needs, right at your fingertips

Our website makes managing pharmaceutical orders simple and intuitive. Specialty practices have 24-hour access to price quotes and their unique transaction history that shows recent and recurring orders. Place and track orders whenever it’s convenient. 
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Working together against the opioid epidemic

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Through due diligence, order monitoring, daily reporting, and license inspection, we maintain the integrity of every order shipped. Besse and AmerisourceBergen maintain neutrality in their roles as a distributors of controlled substances. We take no action to increase demand for opioids, don’t offer our sales teams rewards for such orders, and continuously monitor all orders. Our procedures have enabled us to report and stop tens of thousands of suspicious orders.
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An active voice for pharmaceutical care

AmerisourceBergen understands regulatory trends and seeks to partner on creative solutions that will ensure consistency and outcomes for our customers and their patients.

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Are you a physician who wants to know more about how we can help your practice, or a practice manager looking to see how our services can integrate into your systems? Reach out and we’d love to start a conversation about meeting your practice’s specific needs.
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