Inventory Management

Technology solutions that strengthen your control of inventory and payment verification are essential to successfully running a practice. Besse Medical is fully committed to strengthening community practices through our continued investment in inventory management and related practice technologies. 

As a well established pharmaceutical distributor, we can ensure the integrity of the product from our shelves to your patient. It’s essential for inventory and payment reconciliation systems to be safely positioned in a secure supply chain, and our systems do this seamlessly. 

The Besse Medical technology portfolio offers a range of options to meet the needs of any practice, integrating with—and improving—your current workflow. We would be delighted to talk through your options and give you a demo of CubixxMD or PODIS Plus, or both. 

Best for practices looking for:

  1. Simplified inventory management
  2. Flexibility in receiving and dispensing to patient with locked cabinet, desktop and mobile app dispense options
  3. Tighter oversight on staff compliance
  4. Simple implementation and start-up (can function without practice management system integration)


Best for practices looking for:

  1. Comprehensive procurement, inventory and payment verification
  2. Fully integrated product ordering, including multi-vendor
  3. Full transparency on every patient dose assigned, including charity care and specialty pharmacy
  4. Enhanced patient level alerts – give the right drug to the right patient, at the right time
  5. Robust financial reporting available, utilizing your inventory and practice management data.


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