PODIS Plus for specialty practices

The enterprise inventory management solution that brings your practice together

PODIS Plus is the inventory management system designed specifically for specialty practices.

It does more than just track products. It sits at the heart of your practice, following every drug treatment from the time it’s ordered, through the billing cycle until full payment is received. No matter how complex your business, PODIS Plus can adapt to your scale and requirements.

Quickly and easily order pharmaceuticals, track shipments and invoices, review inventory levels, record drug usage, and more. Refocus your team’s effort away from manual tracking towards delivering the best patient care possible. 

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PODIS Plus support has been extremely helpful, keeping us right on track from day one! Great job PODIS Plus!


I love Besse’s PODIS pre-labeling service! It used to take me hours each time I received and labeled a large order. Now, it only takes me a fraction of the time. I highly recommend it!

Heather, Purchasing Agent

Third-party partners and integrated technologies

PODIS Plus is no ordinary inventory management system—our vendor partnerships expand your software’s capabilities, providing extra functionality that makes workflow smoother and faster. PODIS Plus fully integrates with most practice or patient record systems, increasing accuracy and captured revenue while reducing administrative burdens.
Doctor and patient with tablet

PODIS can help mitigate the financial risks of a burgeoning biologics practice.


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