PODIS® Plus for retina practices

Injectable syringes

Designed for retina practices by retina doctors

No matter the scale of your operation, PODIS® Plus will become the center of your practice, following each drug dose from the time it’s ordered through the billing cycle until full payment is received.

Easily order retina products and other pharmaceuticals, track shipments and invoices, study supply levels and monitor drug use and dispensing. Enhance productivity and manage back office, clinical and administrative functions from a single source, keeping you at the forefront of quality care.

Patient at eye examination
Scanning the barcode on a product box
Woman working with PODIS Plus

Susan, office manager

The Billing Accuracy report is a lifesaver; it provides a check and balance system to our billing. I would recommend PODIS Plus to any other practice without hesitation.

Excellence for your entire practice

PODIS Plus is built to simplify your workflow, save time and improve reimbursement with tools made for your entire staff, from your doctors to your administrators and financial teams.


  • Get rid of the spreadsheets! Streamline inventory ordering and tracking.
  • Harness sophisticated reporting and data analysis capabilities.
  • Audit staff compliance with user activity logging.
  • Stay HIPAA and HITECH compliant with encryption.


  • Track doses from order delivery through full payment receipt.
  • Audit end-of-month inventory, and reconcile drug usage by month across each of your offices.
  • Accurately identify “false profits”: revenues received, but still owed.
  • Get alerts for inventory, expirations, billing and more. Account for all used drugs.

In clinic

  • Select eye location and diagnosis codes the moment product is dispensed, lowering the risk of denied claims.
  • Proactive alerting ensures the right product is given to the right patient at the right time.
  • Easily track samples, patient-specific medications, and drug levels.
  • Track benefits investigations and prior authorizations, and precheck patients before arrival; that information is shown to staff when dispensing.


  • Eliminate the guesswork with intelligent inventory forecasting that anticipates ordering needs.
  • Manage your entire inventory, including but not limited to retina products.
  • Receive pre-serialized doses that are ready to dispense.

Cameron, vitreoretinal disease specialist

If we catch one misfiled, misplaced or misbilled dose of a costly drug, the system has more than shown its value in the first month.

Key features 

Centralized purchasing

Not only does PODIS Plus give you the ability to order from Besse, it also integrates with Avella, Pine and Leiters, so you can place orders with your key suppliers using our streamlined interface. All orders placed with partners arrive serialized and can be received into inventory with ease.

Dispense with confidence

View patient benefits and prior authorization details at time of dispense and receive alerts when there is a risk you may not be reimbursed for a dispense. Dispense alerts help to monitor treatment intervals, diagnosis code rules by payer, and patient specific medications. Choose which eye gets treatment, even record a dispense to a previous date.

Identify billing errors

Don’t wait for denials or incorrect payments. Identify mistakes the moment they occur with our billing accuracy reports. PODIS Plus automatically reconciles dispense data with billing data from your practice management system and calls out discrepancies.

Patient benefits and prior authorizations

You can track benefits investigation outcomes and prior authorizations within PODIS Plus. And review your upcoming schedule by patient to make sure that everything is in order from a benefits and reimbursement perspective.

Our partners

PODIS Plus can work independently, but its integration capabilities turn it into your practice’s technology hub. Third-party partnerships expand what you can do, providing extra functionality that makes your workflow smoother and faster.

PM and EMR systems integration

PODIS Plus fully integrates with most practice or patient records systems, increasing accuracy and revenue capture while reducing the administrative burden. Save time and reduce costs in the process.
Patient filling in form with doctor

Syringe tracking

Syringes obtained from our PODIS Plus integration partners—Pine Pharmaceuticals and Leiters—arrive individually tagged and lot-tracked. No additional printing, labeling or processing is required.
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Brena, clinic administrator

The transparency PODIS Plus provides has allowed accountability for all within the practice... We have noticed a tighter control and consciousness over the inventory by staff due to PODIS Plus.

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