PODIS Plus for retina practices

Designed for retina practices by retina doctors

No matter the scale of your operation, PODIS Plus will become the center of your practice, following each drug dose from the time it’s ordered through the billing cycle until full payment is received.

Easily order retina products and other pharmaceuticals, track shipments and invoices, study supply levels and monitor drug use and dispensing. Enhance productivity and manage back office, clinical and administrative functions from a single source, keeping you at the forefront of quality care.

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PODIS Plus support has been extremely helpful, keeping us right on track from day one! Great job, PODIS Plus!

Michael, Procurement Manager

If we catch one misfiled, misplaced or misbilled dose of a costly drug, the system has more than shown its value in the first month.

Cameron, vitreoretinal disease specialist

The transparency PODIS Plus provides has allowed accountability for all within the practice... We have noticed a tighter control and consciousness over the inventory by staff due to PODIS Plus.

Brena, Clinic Administrator

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