Cubixx®MD for retina practices

Injectable syringes

Smart inventory management that scales with your practice

Cubixx®MD makes inventory management simpler and more effective. It’s designed with every part of the product-to-patient journey in mind. Orders are checked in with a single scan and dispenses are easily tagged to individual patients.

CubixxMD integrates with your practice management (PM), electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) systems. Easily compare dispensed pharmaceuticals to charges and payment transactions, ensuring you never miss a charge.

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Heidi, Office Manager

CubixxMD is proving its worth right away. It’s very intuitive and user-friendly, and the automation gives us the reassurance that we are reducing the chance of error in our practice.

Help your practice find its center

CubixxMD thrives as the core of your practice. It supports everyone on your staff: the professionals working in the clinic, your purchasing group, administrators and your financial team.


  • Training is friendly and quick, and our support team is available to answer any questions.
  • Tracking and transparency reduce waste, ensure accountability, and help your entire practice work more effectively.
  • Inventory valuation helps your practice keep tabs on your inventory and reduce risks.


  • Quickly view inventory within each of your office locations.
  • Move product between offices just as easily; manage product at multiple locations with less time and effort.
  • Easily receive inventory: Simply put products into your CubixxMD cabinet or scan barcodes on shipping coolers and every item is added and tracked.

In Clinic

  • Dispensing is simple: the CubixxMD cabinet, mobile and desktop solutions allow you to select patients from the day’s integrated schedule.
  • CubixxMD records the specific lot patients receive and administration locations.
  • Separate inventory by type: Buy and Bill, Samples, Specialty or Patient Assistance. Dispense the right product to the right patient at the right time.


  • Ensure accurate billing with complete transparency. 
  • Real-time comparison of your charge and dispense data helps your billing team quickly identify discrepancies.
  • CubixxMD boasts a wide range of easy-to-run financial and operational reports that can result in tangible savings for your practice.
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Designed specifically for retina practices like yours

Woman having an eye examination
Our smart user interfaces were built to match any retina workflow. Choose from cabinet, mobile or desktop solutions. When dispensing, pick a patient from the day’s schedule and select the injection location, whether right eye, left eye or bilateral.
Woman having an eye examination

Mark, Administrative Director

CubixxMD has rapidly become an integral part of our practice. Initial setup and interfacing with our EHR was quick and simple and it couldn’t be more user friendly. That, combined with the excellence in customer service from Besse, makes it highly recommended.

The smart inventory management system that keeps you informed 

CubixxMD is designed to bring important information to your attention when you need it most, minimizing potential loss and improving efficiency over time.

Forecast inventory

Order products based on upcoming patient appointment data—no more guessing.

Receive critical alerts

Ensure product isn’t dispensed too soon with advanced patient and product interval alerts made to prevent denials.

Identify billing errors

Identify errors before denials or incorrect payments. Instantly compare practice management’s financial data to patient dispense data.

Meet our partners

CubixxMD can work independently, but its integration capabilities transform it into the technology hub of your practice. Third-party partnerships expand what you can do, providing extra functionality that makes your workflow smoother and faster.

Syringe tracking

Syringes obtained from our CubixxMD integration partners—Pine Pharmaceuticals and Leiters—arrive individually tagged and lot-tracked. No additional printing, labeling or processing required.
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PM and EMR systems integration

CubixxMD fully integrates with most practice or patient record systems, increasing accuracy and revenue capture while reducing the administrative burden.
Patient filling in a form with a doctor

Patient access automation

Patient Access Form Automation is our integrated patient assistance solution. It enables your staff to quickly assist patients with their enrollment process, helping complete, sign and transmit patient enrollment and access forms automatically.
Doctor with patient

Temperature monitoring

Monitor temperatures remotely with our partner, Monnit. Create excursion ranges, set alerts and review temperature history throughout all of your CubixxMD cabinets.
Woman using a drug storage cabinet

Debra, Administrator

It records and tracks everything, saves a lot of time, and makes our end-of-month evaluations much easier.

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