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A GPO committed to specialty and community practices

Besse Medical has worked hard to be an authorized distributor for group purchasing organization (GPO) partners of all sizes, both national and specialty. These partnerships help ensure access to the lowest cost options and make more contract opportunities available to every medical practice. This allows us to serve as an invaluable advisor to community practices navigating new contracts, as well as those who would like help identifying contract opportunities through national GPOs, specialty GPOs and manufacturer contract pricing programs.

Optimizing profitability helps your practice deliver the best care possible. No matter your size, infrastructure or focus, we can help. With our sister company, IPN Solutions, we work creatively on contracting solutions that focus on your practice’s specific needs. We’ll also work together to optimize your financials, streamline your operations, and lighten your administrative load. That way, you can focus on what really matters: caring for your patients. 

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No matter your practice’s size, IPN Solutions is there

IPN Solutions uses an innovative contracting approach to help specialty and community practices across the country reduce costs. As a member, your practice can share in the network’s purchasing power, while remaining an independent and autonomous entity. As IPN Solutions' distributor and partner, Besse Medical supports all IPN Solutions  contract pricing. 
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A medically integrated dispensing program that opens up new lines of revenue

Bringing pharmacy services into your practice can help your patients and support the health of your business. Beyond opening new lines of revenue by offering prescriptions and supportive care products, you'll help improve patient outcomes through better compliance and side effect management. And with setup help from our dedicated team of pharmacists and nurses, you can start dispensing sooner than you'd expect.
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Increase your access to research opportunities

As a specialty provider, your practice is sharply focused. Yet as studies grow more specific and criteria get narrower, it can be difficult to connect the right patients with the right research opportunities. Our AdvanceIQ Network makes it easy to identify qualified patients and connect them with the most advanced therapies available today. Learn how our network can provide supplemental revenue for your practice while advancing the quality of your patient care.
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Practice business analytics

You can't be everywhere at once, but your data can be. InfoDive® is a system that brings it all together. It's the powerful business intelligence tool that combs through the data in your electronic health records, practice management software and inventory management system to identify discrepancies before they become problems. Think of InfoDive as a triage specialist for your operations: it helps you prioritize administrative tasks to recover lost revenue, enhance operational efficiencies, reduce your audit risk, amplify your marketing impact, and more.
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Supporting your specialty practice every step of the way

IPN Solutions is more than a GPO. As an IPN member, you have access to a suite of emerging technology and services to propel your practice forward.

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