Syringe tracking program

Exclusive to CubixxMD and PODIS Plus

Besse Medical and our partners can provide your practice with individually tagged and tracked syringes, ready to be received into CubixxMD or PODIS Plus.


How does the Syringe Tracking Program work?

  • Syringes obtained from a Besse partner will arrive individually tagged and lot-tracked within either the CubixxMD or PODIS Plus systems
  • No additional labeling, processing, etc.
  • No need to purchase CubixxMD RFID tags or manually print and sticker in PODIS Plus. Your syringes arrive pre-labeled and lot-tracked
It doesn’t get any easier than that...


How to get started

If you're already using CubixxMD or PODIS Plus, contact one of our partners below. If you're not yet using our inventory management solutions you can learn more here, or call us at 1.888.767.7123. 

Avella Specialty Pharmacy 1.877.470.7597
Pine Pharmaceuticals 1.844.218.4138
Leiters 1.800.292.6772