Streamlined drug ordering, drug inventory management and payment verification

What began as the Physician Office Drug Inventory System has evolved to what we call today PODIS Plus, the most effective drug ordering, inventory management and payment verification system available to physician practices. Currently available for retinal and ophthalmology practices, PODIS Plus takes the worry out of buying and billing drugs used in the office.

PODIS Plus can follow every drug dose from the time it is placed into inventory, through the billing cycle, until full payment is received. Your staff will spend a fraction of the time currently devoted to manually tracking your inventory. Your practice can quickly and easily order pharmaceuticals, track shipments and invoices, review inventory levels, record drug utilization, and monitor charges and payments. 

With integration, PODIS Plus strengthens your practice management system by ensuring proper billing and complete payment, decreasing the overall administrative burden. 

With the PODIS Plus integrated inventory solution your practice can enhance productivity and manage your entire back office, clinical and administrative functions from a single source, keeping you at the forefront of quality care. 



Essential features of PODIS Plus


Payment verification
PODIS Plus creates a seamless order-to-reimbursement solution by automating the drug ordering and tracking process, incorporating charge and payment data from your practice management systems.

Automated Ordering with Besse Medical and our partners Avella and Pine Pharmaceuticals
The Automated Ordering feature allows you to place your purchase orders with Besse Medical and our partners from within the PODIS Plus portal with ease and confidence, centralizing all of your pharmaceutical purchase activity under one platform.

Product Pre-labeling with Besse Medical and our partners Avella and Pine Pharmaceuticals
When you order through Besse Medical and our partners (via the Syringe Tracking Program) each specialty drug item will arrive at your office pre-labeled. The products are labeled with PODIS Plus serialized stickers before they leave our distribution center, making it incredibly easy to receive in your order.

User management tools
Secure your data and enforce proper workflow through specific user security profiles and audit logging. The PODIS Plus system offers many methods for staff compliance and empowerment and gives you full control over rights and permissions for each user.

Integration with PM and EMR systems
PODIS Plus fully integrates with most Practice Management, Electronic Medical Record and Electronic Health Record systems. This integration improves overall accuracy and revenue captured while further decreasing the manual administrative burden.

Patient Access Form Automation, powered by Systeem Connect™
Unique integrated patient assistance solution which enables your staff to quickly assist patients with their enrollment process, helping complete, sign and transmit patient enrollment and access forms automatically.

Powerful reporting
The sophisticated reporting and analysis capabilities of PODIS Plus help you take control of important aspects of your business. Track amounts owed, pending payments and profit per dose. Identify amounts owed to vendors even when you’ve received payment from insurance or patient. Manage inventory levels and alerts, or run reports on the total current value. Monitor billing accuracy and track all assigned doses. Even audit the use of PODIS Plus by practice staff.

Track not only your buy and bill pharmaceuticals, but also samples, patient assistance and clinical research product.

For more details on PODIS Plus or to schedule a demonstration call 1.800.543.2111.
For technical support with your existing PODIS system call 1.877.382.8894.


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