Accelerate patient access enrollment

Patient Access Form Automation, powered by PX Connect

CubixxMD and PODIS Plus, Besse Medical's two best-in-class inventory management systems, provide clinicians and patients with unparalleled form automation for patient programs, benefits investigation, co-pay assistance and prior authorizations.
Patient Access Form Automation, powered by PX Connect, automatically pre-fills forms with the patient data on file and submits them electronically when enrolling patients into partnered manufacturer access programs.

Key features and benefits

  • CubixxMD and PODIS Plus alert you when a patient access form is needed
  • Accurate and efficient - forms filled and submitted in a fraction of the time – reducing the time of an enrollment
  • Greatly reduce delays in patient treatment
  • Eliminate clerical enrollment errors - far less manual data entry
  • Copies of submitted forms delivered electronically to your practice
  • PX Connect tablet technology for ultimate portability within your office 

How it works

1/ Patient is diagnosed and a care plan recommended2/ Drug dispensed to patient via CubixxMD or PODIS Plus, which will initiate a patient form if appropriate4/ Patient form sent electronically to manufacturer's product access program for processing

How does this help my practice?

On average, patient enrollment forms take up to 20 minutes for staff or patients to complete. With our PX Connect integration, forms can be processed within three minutes.

Your practice will also see greater patient access to therapies due to the higher likelihood of follow-through on form completions. And because the forms are automatically filled out with the patient data on file, you will also see increased accuracy resulting in less back and forth - increasing speed to therapy.

Consider this real-world example: a practice in Pennsylvania had 900 forms to process for a particular drug in a single year. With Patient Access Form Automation they would have saved about 240 hours compared to the manual standard form process.

How many forms did your practice fill out last year?

(Video above shows former name of the third party service, 'Systeem Connect')

For more information on Patient Access Form Automation, contact your Besse Medical market specialist or call 1.800.543.2111.