For specialty practices

CubixxMD is crafted to support all the teams in your specialty practice: the clinical team, purchasing, admin and finance. The front office and back.

Product ordered from Besse Medical and our partners arrives pre-labeled, ensuring that it’s tracked every step of the way. Every order can be received in with a single scan, and every dispense can be scanned to an individual patient.

CubixxMD integrates seamlessly with your PM, EHR and EMR systems, tracking product at the physician and patient level so it reduces the risk of unbilled products or treatments. You will have exactly what you need for your upcoming patient schedule and can ensure it’s billed appropriately.

Excellence for your entire practice

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  • Easily view inventory within each of your office locations.
  • Receiving orders is a breeze: just scan the barcode on the shipping cooler and every item is added to inventory.
  • Move product between offices just as easily; manage product at multiple locations with less time and effort.

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  • Dispensing drug to patient is simple: the CubixxMD mobile and desktop solutions allows you to select your patient from the day’s schedule.
  • If the product is multi-dose, you can select the number of doses you are dispensing. Your inventory is updated instantly.
  • CubixxMD records the specific lot that the patient receives and even records the administration location.
  • Separate your inventory by type: Buy and Bill, Samples, Specialty Pharmacy or Patient Assistance. This enables you to dispense the right product to the right patient at the right time.

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  • CubixxMD boasts a wide range of financial and operational reports which are easy to run and can result in tangible savings for your practice.
  • CubixxMD + your practice management system = accurate billing.
  • Real time comparison of your charge data and patient dispense data allows your billing team to quickly identify discrepancies before they become problems.

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  • Inventory valuation and user logging helps your practice keep tabs on your inventory and helps reduce risk.
  • Training for all users is quick and simple, and the friendly CubixxMD support team is available to answer any questions.

Key features of CubixxMD

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Designed for specialty practices

Our smart user interfaces were built to match any workflow. Choose from mobile or desktop solutions. When dispensing, pick a patient from today’s schedule and select the injection location.

Patient benefits and prior authorizations

You can now track benefits investigation outcomes and prior authorizations within PODIS Plus. And review your upcoming schedule by patient to make sure that everything is in order from a benefits and reimbursement perspective.

Identify billing errors

Don’t wait for denials or incorrect payments. Identify mistakes the moment they occur with the PODIS Plus billing accuracy report. Compare your practice management’s financial data to your PODIS Plus patient dispense data.

Powerful reporting tools

Track amounts owed, pending payments and profit per dose. Identify amounts owed to vendors even when you’ve received payment from insurance or the patient. Manage inventory levels and alerts, or run reports on the total current value. Monitor billing accuracy and track all assigned doses.

CubixxMD partnerships

It’s no ordinary inventory management system - our partnerships with third party vendors expand what you can do with CubixxMD, extra functionality that makes your workflow smoother and faster.

Patient access automation

Patient Access Form Automation, powered by PX Connect, is our integrated patient assistance solution which enables your staff to quickly assist patients with their enrollment process, helping complete, sign and transmit patient enrollment and access forms automatically.

UroChartEHR integration

With the integration between UroChartEHR and CubixxMD, you can dispense drug to a patient quickly and easily: just select the patient from the day’s appointments in CubixxMD and scan the label on the product. Drug dispense details are automatically sent to the patient’s health record inside UroChartEHR, and your CubixxMD inventory is updated.

PMS, EMR integration

CubixxMD can fully integrate with most practice or patient record systems, increasing accuracy and revenue captured while decreasing the administrative burden.

Our integrated partners

What our customers say

"We would wholeheartedly recommend CubixxMD for anyone frustrated with their manual system who wants better control over their inventory, integration with their other systems, and the ability to better ensure proper payment."
Bandana Jha
CPA, Chief Operating Officer
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"Use of the system has streamlined our internal processes from product ordering, through administration of the medication, and final reconciliation in our billing department. Our providers greatly appreciate how the CubixxMD system has given us better control of our medication management."
Dorothy Carvalho
Clinical Nursing Manager
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"It records and tracks everything, saves a lot of time, and makes our end-of-month evaluations much easier."
Debra Shelton
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"We’re so happy to have chosen CubixxMD - it’s such an easy platform to use with fantastic support staff! CubixxMD is proving its worth right away. It’s very intuitive and user-friendly, and the automation gives us the reassurance that we are reducing the chance of error in our practice."
Heidi Orley
Office Manager
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"We reviewed several inventory management systems before selecting CubixxMD. It was the only system that removed the manual process of logging in inventory. It integrates seamlessly with our clinical workflow."
Jeff Brockette
Chief Executive Officer
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"CubixxMD has rapidly become an integral part of our practice. Initial setup and interfacing with our EHR was quick and simple and it couldn’t be more user friendly. That, combined with the excellence in customer service from Besse, makes it highly recommended."
Marc A. Champa
Administrative Director
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"Since starting with CubixxMD we have been able to identify and keep track of our medications and the billings in a much simpler and more efficient way. Having this electronic tracking system has cut down the time it takes to do reconciliation across the board. I no longer have missing lot numbers and expiration date issues. We are able to reconcile all meds with accuracy now and have an electronic file with all information listed at a glance."
Jenifer Levitt
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"I recommend CubixxMD without reservation. I have been very pleased with the result and the professional level of service offered by Besse and their product CubixxMD."
Kathy Weekley
Administrative Coordinator
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"We have been using CubixxMD for several years and appreciate the additional functionality that has been added. We believe that Besse Medical truly believes in customer service as you have taken many of our suggestions for improving the product and implemented them."
Tom Dvorak
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