Drug Reimbursement Report

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Analyze your drug reimbursement by product


If you haven't tried running a Drug Reimbursement Report before, let us explain how it can give your practice an invaluable view of your expenditure and expected reimbursement.
Practices tell us that drug reimbursement is one of the most challenging tasks they deal with on a regular basis. Many find it time-consuming to stay up to date on the current reimbursement environment, costs per billing unit and product pricing.
The Drug Reimbursement Report lets you see valuable reimbursement information to help you make better purchasing decisions. Put simply, it displays finance and reimbursement information on products you select, for the time period you choose.

For example, you might run a report for the current quarter to compare the therapy you have been using compared to an alternative therapy in the same class. This would let you easily calculate which therapy has better reimbursement for the quarter, based on the CMS data. Many practices use the report in this way to easily identify cost-saving alternatives to the drug therapy they currently use.

Or you could just run the report for all of the products you have ordered to see at a glance where the reimbursement stands for each one in the current quarter.
The report is quick and simple to run. You can view it on screen or export to Excel so that you can manipulate and arrange the data in the way you want.
The Besse Reimbursement Report is a simple tool to audit your current product purchases for positive reimbursement and to give you visibility into alternative products and reimbursement rates. Practices are finding new ways to use this report every day. Take a look and see how it can benefit you.

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Please note: The Drug Reimbursement Report gives standard reimbursement values as published by CMS. The report does not account for all types of specialty pricing programs (such as tiered pricing, etc.) or your local and state tax or sequestration. Reimbursement is at the sole dictation of the payer; this report in no way guarantees reimbursement on any drug.