Reimbursement & Financial Insights

Community physician practices strive to balance running a lucrative business with providing excellent care. Besse Medical understands this challenge and strives to provide expert knowledge on the financial and reimbursement aspects of the buy-and-bill business. We offer services and technologies that can help practices make smarter buying decisions, improve reimbursement efficiencies and reduce administrative burdens. We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy cash flow inside a practice and we offer the guidance and resources to support success.

We believe in a proactive approach. For example:

  • ensuring practices have immediate, no-hassle access to their contract pricing through GPO networks as well as product pricing programs offered by the manufacturers
  • alerting practices to changes in usage that could affect rebates or future pricing on a product
  • reminders to take advantage of discount buying or pre-order opportunities to maintain the best price on every order
  • notifying a practice of fluctuating terms on a high-dollar pharmaceutical that could cause a cash crunch later in the year
  • communicating terms changes, pricing program changes and coding changes at the earliest possible moment
  • offering resources to help during transitions like ICD-9 to ICD-10
  • credit analysts trained to listen for reimbursement issues and expedite these directly to the manufacturer for assistance
  • providing quick reference to coding and reimbursement assistance for every pharmaceutical
  • access to reporting that shows current CMS drug reimbursement data for the quarter

The online practice management tools on allow practices to access real-time pricing, rebate and tiered pricing structures, reimbursement and coding reference tools, payment and credit options and sophisticated reporting and payment resources.

Here are some guidance materials: