#weAREcommunityThe novel coronavirus has thrown healthcare a serious curveball. Doctors nationwide have growing concerns over the reluctance of patients to seek care while the spread of COVID-19 persists. If patients are not maintaining routine healthcare care, we risk a second wave of tragedy in the form of late diagnoses and more advanced or unchecked disease.

The #weAREcommunity campaign amplifies what doctors have been telling their patients: NOW is the time to prioritize health and get back to the doctor. Chronic and critical illnesses didn't stop or slow down when COVID-19 flared up, and neither should access to care. We have long advocated on behalf of community practices and patient access. This is why we feel it so important to have a platform for the physician practice community to encourage patients to resume their healthcare routines within the safety of community practices. 

#weAREcommunity from Specialty Distribution on Vimeo.

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