Giving Back

Founded in Cincinnati in 1948, Besse Medical prides itself on having strong roots in the community. Our passion to serve can be found today not just in the work we do in the office, but in the efforts we make to give back to our community. 

Every associate across Besse Medical and AmerisourceBergen has the opportunity to take paid time off for voluntary work. These are some of the charitable organizations our associates have supported over the years.


Happen Inc / UpSpring

The Zombots

Attending the premiere

“I can’t think of a happier way to spend a day!” said Katie Roberts, Besse’s Marketing & Creative Director.

Katie was using her volunteer time off at the final event for the 2017 Lights, Camera, Learning in Action Summer Program. The day was hosted by Happen, Inc, an outreach program which brings families together through shared creative experiences.

Every summer, students from the UpSpring educational charity visit Happen Inc to write and produce a short film. For the film's premiere, the children are treated to a red carpet premiere on the big screen, complete with limo ride for gelato.

This year’s movie is “The Zombots”, featuring an inventive mom and her scientific son rehabilitating the undead by turning zombies into productive citizens who solve the world's energy problems!

Over the course of a six-week program, the children team up to tackle every aspect of film-making, from casting and costumes to editing and promotion. The adults are there to help when needed, but the program is all about letting young people show what they can do given the chance.

“What an inspiration to see the unbridled creativity in these young minds,” said Katie. “Then to see their utter joy and excitement when witnessing their creation up on the big screen, complete with screaming fans (me included!)”

The big screen

The children and their families loved seeing the movie premiere at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati. And you can view it too, on Happen, Inc’s Facebook page!

Ronald McDonald House / Cincinnati Children's Hospital 

At Besse Medical we're raising money for the Ronald McDonald House of Greater Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Charities.

For Valentine's Day our Activities Team produced thousands of candygrams: Valentine-themed cards and candy which are a fun way for Besse Medical associates to express their admiration and respect for an awesome co-worker.

Each candygram costs 50 cents, with the proceeds going to the two great causes along with money raised from other activities throughout the year.

"A simple act of kindness goes a long way!" said Kim Besse, Manager for Training and Support. "It positively impacts our associates' day, as well as supporting Cincinnati charities. We are very fortunate to have such incredible associates that continuously show professionalism, hard work and respect for each other and our community."

Camp Allyn - Stepping Stones

On a beautiful crisp Friday in October, a number of eager Besse associates descended on Camp Allyn in Batavia, Ohio, to help repair and improve facilities across the campus.

Camp Allyn is run by Stepping Stones, a non-profit which helps people with disabilities find pathways to independence. There are lakes for boating and fishing, a swimming pool, hiking trails, five sleeping lodges and other buildings. Our associates - Jeff, Summer, Teresa, Jenn, Chris, Mary Ann, Jason, Kristina and Casey - were tasked with landscaping, fence repair and painting, as well as building benches and repairing rafters.

"Our team worked on the demolition of a big wooden sandbox and a wooden structure," said Mary Ann, our office manager. "All of us raked, shoveled mulch and sand out of the area. The stronger members of the team carried railroad ties to a pile. Camp Allyn will be installing a swing set in the area we worked. It felt great to know the people that will camp out there in the future will enjoy nature in this area!"

Market specialist Jenn adds: "It was really rewarding (and therapeutic!) to devote our time toward something that I knew would be enjoyed by the children later. I have a friend that works with disabled people and when I told her that we spent the day at Camp Allyn, she was really thrilled and said it was an amazing place! Having that personal connection really gave me an extra sense of pride."

“The staff was very appreciative of our help,” said Jason, also a market specialist, “and I enjoyed the opportunity to get outside! Also seeing our finished projects and knowing we directly impacted the campers by completing those projects. I'm looking into volunteering at Camp Allyn in my free time.”


Camp SWONEKY is a youth summer camp run by the Salvation Army in the Ohio countryside. The camp provides a respite for young people going through troubled times in their lives, giving them a chance to play, swim, ride horses, learn archery or arts and crafts, or just enjoy a break from their everyday lives.
Besse associates Harold, Todd, Rob and Colin spent a day at the camp repairing and reinforcing a pasture enclosure for the camp’s seven horses. The horses had repeatedly damaged the fence trying to reach the greener grass on the other side.
"It was a fantastic day in a way that brought both personal gratification and fulfillment of doing a good deed," said Todd, "along with many aches and pains!"
Rob agreed: "I would add that spending a few hours at the camp you just get the feeling that it’s a special place for these kids to come and truly enjoy themselves. What a great opportunity to help in some small way to make their stay more enjoyable."
"It was a great crew and a perfect way to spend a day giving back," said Colin. "I love that Besse and AmerisourceBergen give us these kinds of opportunities!"
The Besse team was joined by volunteers from another local company, Ethicon, and the camp’s own employees. The Salvation Army said of them all: "You are all a blessing to The Salvation Army, Camp SWONEKY, and the thousands who benefit from this beautiful camp facility and experience."

Freestore Foodbank

The Freestore Foodbank is based in Cincinnati, near our business offices. The Foodbank distributes 20 million meals annually to people in 20 counties across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

For the last ten years we’ve hosted a canned food drive in our office. Associates bring in canned food and personal care items which are collected by the Foodbank, sorted and distributed to those in need.

In the last two years alone, Besse Medical has donated almost two tons (3776 lbs) of food and personal care items to the Foodbank!

Hope House Mission

The Hope House Mission, a homeless shelter in Middletown, Ohio, provides programs and services to help residents permanently transform their lives for the better.

When associates from Besse Medical volunteered at the mission, they helped prepare, cook and serve a meal of spaghetti, meatballs, salad and garlic bread to around fifty residents. They also worked with the staff to organize and move donations in and out of the shelter in the pouring rain.

The Besse volunteers had time to decorate the front lobby to make it more vibrant and welcoming. They installed a board to be a place for ‘Hope Stories’, where people could tell their success stories about how they were able to get on their feet again with the help of the mission.

Matthew 25: Ministries

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Matthew 25: Ministries is an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization that collects excess products from corporations and the public and ships those donations to people in need across the world.

Contracts team member Jenny and her son volunteered at Matthew 25 in the fall. As new volunteers they were given a tour of the facility and a history of the organization before they began their day. Images of devastated and poverty stricken communities had a sobering effect, but helped to illustrate the great need for assistance throughout the world.

“One statistic that stuck out to me was, for every hour a person volunteers at Matthew 25, 150 people are helped,” said Jenny. “I was amazed by that, and once you start working you can see that statistic come to life.”

Their time was spent sorting through clothes donated by corporations such as P&G and Cintas, unloading boxes of blankets and sheets, and creating bags full of toiletries to send to people in need.

All the Besse volunteers were struck with the staggering volume of items that are donated to Matthew 25, and how the organization can find a use for almost anything. There is an ongoing need for volunteer help just to stay on top of the massive inflow of donations.

Colin, a website support specialist at Besse, was part of the larger group of volunteers. At the end of the day, he summed up his experience:

“While none of us saw the impact of our personal work, we all were made aware that we were contributing to something much larger than ourselves. The impact that Matthew 25 Ministries has on the world as a whole really cannot happen without the volunteer help from groups like ours.”

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati

Associates at Besse Medical are proud to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati. Throughout the year we organize small office fundraisers with proceeds going to support the great work they do to give children “health, hope and a home away from home”.

We are currently collecting aluminum tabs from drink or soup cans. Ronald McDonald House recycles the tabs and raises more than $20,000 a year in doing so.

"It's so easy to help the Ronald McDonald House this way," said Carrie, Customer CARE supervisor (pictured). "If I can do it, anyone can!"

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