Five reasons to use a single distributor

(And why Besse Medical is your best choice)

It might seem like good practice to spend your time researching different distributors for each pharmaceutical, but don’t forget the many advantages that a single distribution channel can bring. 

It takes time and money to contact different vendors, request information and contract options for each item, and handle multiple shipments. And don’t forget the effort spent managing the accounts payable. Choosing one friendly and reliable supplier can not only produce overall savings, but frees up valuable time that could be better spent with patients or growing your practice. 

A well-chosen pharmaceutical distribution partner - such as Besse Medical - should offer significant advantages and conveniences to your practice. Here are our top five reasons to use a single distributor for your specialty product, injectables, vaccines, ancillary supplies and general pharmaceuticals. 


Managing the waste 

Your carbon footprint may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but using a single distributor is a great way to go green. Besse Medical stocks thousands of items and consolidates the packing and shipping materials, with an overall result of fewer trucks on the road and less fuel used. We use high quality expanded polystyrene foam coolers which are easily recycled – or of course you can reuse or donate your coolers. And at Besse we’ve taken many steps to help you reduce paper usage, including offering e-Delivery and online payments.

Download these resources: Green Practice | Environmentally-responsible tips for the practice


Simply better service 

Great service is a claim all distributors make. At Besse, it’s not just a claim, it’s our entire model. We accelerate access to pharmaceuticals, technology solutions, and reimbursement and financial insights. Whether you call in your order or go online, you’ll have a pleasant and highly efficient experience. We won’t keep you holding or send you to voicemail – you’ll get a real person every time. On average, we answer your call within 10 seconds.


Reducing risk and having confidence in compliance 

As the industry becomes ever more complex, you deserve a distributor you can trust. Our website has an easy-to-view audit trail which is fully DQSA/DSCSA compliant. Having a single source of distribution gives greater shipment integrity, which reduces the risk of error, loss and damage. You can track your purchases simply in one management tool, giving you accurate shipment information and visibility of the entire chain of custody, right to your practice.


Your time is valuable 

We know that timely deliveries can be crucial for you and your patients – that’s why orders from Besse arrive the next business day before 3pm. This means that when you order on Friday, you get it Monday. Again, our prompt service reduces the risk of your shipment being lost or damaged. Consolidated shipments mean your staff spend less time receiving and checking product. Besse takes the hassle out of returns as well, with credit being applied the moment we receive your returned product. And of course having a single distributor partner reduces that time-consuming paperwork: with fewer packing lists to reconcile, fewer checks to cut and fewer returns to co-ordinate, you’ll find that productivity can increase - with a direct saving in wages as a result. 


It’s about the cash 

Having a single distributor means you benefit from cost savings on delivery charges. Fewer distributors means fewer work interruptions each week. Remember, Besse’s Customer CARE team are on your side: they will alert you to the best pricing and terms available on any given pharmaceutical. And you can also minimize the costs of holding inventory and balance it with your cash flow by using Besse’s web tools and market specialists as a resource.


At Besse Medical the value we deliver does not stop at the package arriving safely and on time, every time. We strive to improve product access by continually expanding our product portfolio. Ultimately, we deliver the support you need to maximize effectiveness and efficiency at your practice and elevate your patient’s experience.

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