Animal action in our 2018 calendar

The new Besse Medical calendar is a little different and we really hope you enjoy it. 

As part of AmerisourceBergen, we are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures. The organization has grown over recent years to provide products and services for both human and animal health. To celebrate this, we’re looking at the connection between animals and human well-being, and how our domestic pets can help us in a number of surprising ways.

Besse Medical associates have gathered together photos of their own pets to share with you. You can read their stories throughout the calendar. We’ve also included some fun photos from two of our sister companies, MWI Animal Health and Securos Surgical, so our special thanks to our friends there for their help.

Hopefully it brings a smile to your face each day and maybe even a smile from your patients!


Want to see more?

Throughout 2018 you can see more of our cuddly critters online: search for the hashtag #bessepets on Twitter and Facebook.

As one of our valued customers, we’d love you to share photos of your own animals. Just upload to Twitter or Facebook including the #bessepets hashtag. You can even share the story of how your pet makes a difference in your life!


These are the studies and articles referred to throughout the calendar.

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