Important Regulatory Update for Florida Medical Practices

Florida law prohibits the sale of a prescription drug to any person or entity that is not authorized to receive it. To you, our customer, this means that you must have an appropriate permit or license to purchase drugs for us to be able to ship the drugs to you. The type of permit or license you need depends on who purchases your drugs and the tax ID number you furnish us:

  • If you purchase drugs in your individual name as a physician, your individual physician license is sufficient.
  • If you furnish us with a separate employer tax ID number because you purchase drugs in the name of a legal entity such as a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, P.C., P.A., etc., Florida law requires you to have either a pharmacy permit or a new permit, the Health Care Clinic Establishment (HCCE) permit.

As we have previously advised you, the HCCE permit requirement was originally effective on January 1, 2009. Due to some language discrepancies in the Florida law, the HCCE permit was not made available to certain types of entities and the Florida Department of Health has not been strictly enforcing the HCCE permit requirement. The law, however, was amended in 2009 and the HCCE permit is now available to any business entity that has been issued an employer tax ID number. The amendment is effective October 1, 2009.

While the HCCE permit is not required for a physician to purchase drugs in his/her own name, this means the physician will be personally responsible for payment for the drugs. If you choose this option, the physician may need to change the name on our account and sign a new Business Application in the name of the physician. For those practices that need to obtain the new HCCE permit or have already obtained a copy, please fax a copy of the permit and this letter to Besse Medical at 888-375-0030.

We urge you to call us at 800-543-2111 with any questions regarding whether your practice requires the HCCE permit, or if you wish to determine whether the name on your account enables you to purchase drugs personally under a physician’s medical license. Please be advised that if you are required to have a HCCE Permit and do not have one by December 31, 2009, we reserve the right to discontinue shipping prescription drugs to any location for which the HCCE permit would be required.



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